Sunday, September 30, 2012

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

Yes, that is me upside down in the bathtub. I realize most moms post pictures of their children in the bathtub that are cute and sweet. Well, my picture has two cute, sweet boys and one klutzy mama!

Since I am almost 30 weeks pregnant, it is uncomfortable for me to sit on my knees and bathe the boys. So, I was standing up, leaning in the bathtub to wash Wayne when the rug started slipping from under my feet. In the tub I went! I said, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" Wayne pulls the hair away from my face to see my facial expression--is she really hurt or just being a Scarlet O'Hara? I just started laughing so hard. Bruce was still not totally convinced that things were okay.

Wayne and I both call for Matt to come in the bathroom to help me get out of the tub. He comes in the bathroom and is immediately laughing. He asks me how he can help. I say, "Help me out of here!" Well, he thought, "If I push down on her legs she'll just pop right out of there." So, he proceeds to push my legs down bending my legs backward. I ask him, in a rather loud voice, "What are you doing? I'm not a see saw!"

I did NOT pop out of the tub but instead kind of slithered out, as I was trying to save my knees at this point:) I turn around to see that he has an orange in his hand! I said, "Next time take the orange out of your hand and really help me!" He said, "Well, I thought I could save you and eat my orange." He was lucky I didn't have any sharp objects in my hand. We both just died laughing. It was so funny.

This actually was the third time I fell today. A new record for me! Although my belly has felt tight-not sure if it's Braxton Hicks or from all the laughing-Allison has been moving. I thank God me and the baby are fine. And, that I didn't smash my little boys in the process of falling:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Is Candid Camera Following Me Today?

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like Candid Camera is following you around and you are not finding it very funny! Well, Monday was one of those days for me.

It started out pretty calm. I was able to get up before the kids and have devotions peacefully. I was feeling kind of stressed over the weekend so I was going to try to take it easy on Monday.

After breakfast, the boys and I started to organize some of the girl's clothes I had bought at some yard sales. While we were doing that I had a load of clothes in the washer. Next thing I know, water is on the floor underneath the washer. "Aut Oh", I said. "There's some water. Okay boys help mom clean it up." So, I went to get some towels to soak up the water.

Our washer had not drained properly over the weekend so I knew I needed to call someone to fix it. While I was on the phone, the boys just had to fight because, as we all know, as soon as we get on the phone that's when the pestering really begins. So, I told them to go to their beds. That gave me a little peace and quiet while I was on the phone.

I had to move the washer and dryer to clean up the water. Part of the time the boys were helping me soak up the water. The other part they were climbing up on the washer. I don't mind if Wayne is up there, but I don't want Bruce and I especially don't want them both up there together. Then, I was trying to get the vent back on the dryer.....yeah, that was interesting. While I am fussing with it Wayne is explaining to me how it needs to be done.

I realized I needed some coffee so I made a half caff. (I usually just drink decaf) However, the half caff didn't feel like it was working. I thought, "Am I really that tired? Guess so."

Tried to move bookshelf-got everything off shelves and couldn't get screws out of the wall. How hard is it to figure out a drill. I mean, our husbands do it so it can't be rocket science! (haha. I totally love me SMART husband:) As I'm moving the bookshelf from the living room to the bedroom I'm thinking, "Should I really be doing this being pregnant and all. Am I going to pull something. Nah, I'm fine. I did stuff like this during the other two pregnancies." (I probably should have listened to the voices in my head because as you will read I started having Braxton Hicks contractions that night.)

Had lunch, the boys would not eat. It was even hot dogs and corn. What kid doesn't eat hot dogs. They usually love them! Next, was nap time. Bruce went down pretty easy but it was taking Wayne longer to fall asleep. Then, the guy to fix the drain called. He was coming early. "Oh great!" I thought. "Now Wayne is never going to be able to fall asleep and I will not get a nap at all. Oh well."

When the guy came to fix the drain I still had pajamas on, black makeup under my eyes and had just thrown my hair up. I looked price sensitive. So, he hurried up and only took 1 hour to fix it. So, that worked out for the budget:)

Wayne wasn't able to fall asleep until after the guy left, but I was able to lay down with him too. I slept for about and hour. Then woke up from nap time to Bruce trying to climb into the bed with Wayne and I.

Next, I set out to cook the meat for dinner while doing the dishes. I was stirring the meat and one little piece of hamburger flew out of the pot, a tall stock pot I might add. I found it on the ONLY toy in the kitchen. Now, what are the odds of that?! As Wayne and I are doing the dishes I hear a crackling noise. I thought, "What is Bruce doing in there? Oh man, is that my meat?" It was. And it was and serve again! So, I decided to order a pizza.

At the pizza place, the guy asked me how my day was going. I said, "One of my kids has his pajamas on, one has his shirt on backwards and I am in my 'Walmart outfit'. That's how good it's going!"

I was telling Matt about my crazy day and how I drank a half caff coffee but it didn't really affect me. He asked me how I had drank a half caff because there are no caffeinated pods in the house. (We just bought a Nespresso espresso maker earlier this summer) I said, "Well, that explains a lot. I wondered why it didn't work. My eyes were practically closing themselves by naptime."

I told Matt that evening that I would like to take all the girl clothes back out to the van. I had separated them by size so we had about 8 garbage bags and 2 boxes of stuff taking up room in our bedroom. After getting all the bags and boxes in the van, I went back outside to do something in the shed. (I don't even remember now what I was doing) I had locked myself out of the house. So here I am knocking on the door thinking, "Yup, this is the kind of day I have had. Lord, please help us get to bedtime fast."

I did get a lot of practice praying for patience and doing breathing exercises, but it was such a stressful day that I started having contractions that night. (Braxton Hicks) Oops. So, I took it easy on Tuesday. I want to hold my baby but we still have 3 months to go. I gotta calm down.

What kind of crazy day have you had lately?